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Schlage Digital Locks + Main Gate and Door Package

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• Fire rated main door top up $400

• 4 x 7 feet main door and gate top up $500

• 3 years warranty for main door and gate

• Full solid laminated door

• Mild steel powder coated gate

• High scratch resistant

• High water resistant

• Installation, removal, disposal included

2 years warranty for Hafele digital locks

S818G  Packed full of features. You choose how to enter - using the Schlage Access™ app, fingerprint reader, keypad, card or fob, it's flexibilty suits your daily life.

1) Schlage S480 door lock + Schlage S818G gate lock

Schlage 480 — Sleek and packed full of features. A modern lock with minimalistic styling, yet maximum impact.

2)  Schlage S510F door lock + Schlage S818G gate lock

Schlage 510F A sleek, modern lock with minimalist styling, yet maximum security, the S-510F electronic rim lock is jammed full of features.

3) Schlage S6000 door lock + Schlage S818G gate lock

Schlage S6000 — Digital touchpad door lock is more proof that Schlage doesn’t just keep up with trends, we lead them.

4) Schlage S6500F door lock + Schlage S818G gate lock

Schlage S6500F — Built-in alarm sense potential door attacks

5) Schlage S7100 door lock + Schlage S818G gate lock

Schlage S7100 — A full locking system with a multiple functions that allow access