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Philips Easykey

Philips EasyKey 702 Video Digital Lock [3 YEARS WARRANTY]

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Remote video monitoring with visible security

Philips EasyKey 702 video lock makes real-time online via the Wi-Fi connection. After binding the Philips EasyKey App, you can view the lock activity history and encrypted information, remotely send temporary PIN codes, and view the real-time situation at the door by clicking the video button. A smart suitable choice for your family.

*Performance subjected to environmental surrounding conditions.*

⭐ Two way audio talk

✅ A message will be sent to the Philips EasyKey app instantly when the doorbell is pressed and start a two-way intercom with the visitor.

✅ Automatically records a 10 to 60 seconds outdoor video once doorbell rings.

⭐ Built-in electronic doorbell

⭐ Wide angle coverage

✅ Panoramic images in one view.

✅ 2 MP wide-angle camera with 120 degree viewing angle and 1080 P high-definition imaging.

⭐ PIR human body detection

✅ AI humanoid detection algorithm identifies abnormal dynamics within 3 meters fro the front door by instantly shooting a video.

✅ A message will be sent to the Philips EasyKey app instantly.

⭐ Built-in Wi-Fi module

✅ Connect to the Wi-Fi without a gateway.

✅ Check the smart lock access records, check outdoor situation when you click on the video button and PIN code information via the Philips EasyKey app anywhere.

✅ Remote distribution of a one-time PIN code for visitors.

⭐ Indoor infrared sensor unlock

✅ Door opens much easier with a touch sensor and an infrared sensor on the handle.

✅ Lock opens once hand touches the touch sensor and the infrared sensor detects the obstruction.

⭐ Auto Lock

✅ Utilises fully automatic mortise.

✅ Deadbolt will spontaneously pop out after you close the door.

✅ Mortise will sound an alarm to alert you on the door lock status if the door is not locked properly.

⭐ Various ways of unlocking

✅ Fingerprint, PIN code, Temporary PIN code and Mechanical key.

⭐ External Forced Lock

✅ Instant alarm upon internal unlocking.

✅ Effectively warn you of security risks and upgrade the level of home security.

⭐ Multiple Alarming

✅ Protect home security at all times.

✅ All-around alarm functions which not only improves the anti-theft level of your home and safeguard you and your family in real time, but also reminds you of the door lock status to create convenience for use.