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Philips Easykey

Philips Digital Lock Bundle Package with Main Door and Gate 7300 + 5100-K

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• Fire rated main door top up $400

• 4 x 7 feet main door and gate top up $400

• 3 years warranty for solid laminated main door and mild steel gate

• 3 years warranty for Philips EasyKey Digital Lock

• Our mild steel gate are finished with powder coating. It provides durability and rust resistant.
• Our solid laminated main door are sound reduction, scratch and water resistant 🚪


Main features:

• 170° lens & 1080P HD Display

• Infrared night vision

• 24H AI Human body detection

• Real time audio communication

• Anti-prying alarm

• Links with smart door lock


Philips Easykey 7300 + Easykey 5100-K

Philips EasyKey 7300 — Employs 4 proof durable mortise. The simple design makes the lock beautiful, elegant, eye-pleasing and functional. It gives you and your family a new experience of comfort and peace of mind.

Philips Easykey 5100-K — Simple design, compact and thin. Suitable on any types of door. Throw away your keys and enjoy a smart and convenient access instantly. No need to remove existing handle.