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Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) Lock [2 YEARS WARRANTY]

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Noble and luxurious, The Legend is the first in the world to incorporate the design of Lamborghini onto a digital lock. Revolutionary in its time, The Legend advances every concept of digital lock design and immediately set itself as the benchmark for digital lock. Giving a glimpse of the future today, The Legend is the perfect fusion of technology and design. With its crisp lines, you’ll get a thrill just by looking at it. The only thing better than taking in this beauty from a distance is actually touching it.


• 7.6 degree curved surface design fits the palm well and brings the thrill of a quick unlocking

• Integrated parabolic aesthetics design

• Inside handle with in-built sensor for easier and faster unlocking

• Sweden FPC fingerprint sensor provides accurate and swift recognition

• CPU dynamic encryption card with copy-prevention to provide better security

• Comes with doorbell without additional installation required

• Fully automatic lock body and high compatibility with most doors in the market

• Mechanical latch knob allows quicker escape in an emergency

• External micro USB port for emergency charging

Technical Information

► Dimensions: Front - L420 x 72 x 65 / Back - L420 x 76 x 69

► Used for: HDB/ Condo/ EC/ Landed

► Material: Zinc alloy

► Voice operation guide language: English (default) , Chinese

► LED display: none

► Applicable doors: wooden

► Applicable doors thickness: 38 – 120mm

► Unlocking way: Fingerprint/ Card/ Password/ Key

► Master Password: 1

► User Password: 5 & 4 OTP (One-Time Password)

► Password length: 6 - 12 digits

► Type of card: CPU

► Card capacity: 100

► Type of FPG: Semi-conductor

► Identification time: <0.5 sec

► Fingerprints Capacity: 100

► Double Locking mode: Automatic

► Power Supply: DC 6V 4 AA Battery

► Emergency power supply: Micro USB port (5V Power Bank)

► Gross weight: 5.5 KG

► Mechanical cylinder & key: Have

► Lock body: QT7260/ QT7270

► Opening direction: Universal (Left or Right)