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Kaadas R7-2 Digital Door Lock (Rim Lock) [2 YEARS WARRANTY]

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One of the most economical digital locks in Singapore, the Kaadas R7-2 Digital Lock allows you to smarten your door without breaking the bank to do so. Comes in stylish black, the R7-2 can be easily installed in homes and commercial offices. With its slim-looking body, the R7-2 can easily fit onto most wooden doors.

Key Features

• User-friendly access: Various access methods depending on your lifestyle – PIN code / RFID

• Sensitive Touchpad screen: With the wide touch screen, not only does the design becomes more stylish, the detection rate has greatly improved

• Automatic locking: Eliminates the need to re-check door lock when you go out. Feels at ease when you go out and keep your home safe

• Auto polling: RFID is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button

• Easy installation: DIY design is applied for easy installation

• Fake PIN code feature: Random numbers added before and after the real user password prevents exposing of the user password, thereby providing more protection for real password

• Away mode: When on holiday, users can set up away mode from outdoor and will restrict all user PIN code/Fingerprint/Card. At the same time, it deters indoor intruders by triggering a warning sound.

• Privacy Mode: When you are at home, double-locking prevents unexpected unlocking attempts from outside. You can enable it by holding CLOSE/OPEN button for 3 seconds.

• Voice & Mute Mode Switch: Mute mode is available, bringing peaceful door-opening experience

• Power bank back-up: When batteries are discharged, put a 5V power bank to back-up power

Technical Information

► Material: Outdoor Unit: Zn, PC Indoor Unit: Al, ABS

► User capacity: Master PIN Code – 1 / User PIN Code – 10 / RF Card – 100

► Door thickness: 30 – 50 mm

► Power supply: 4pcs AA alkaline batteries

► Battery life: Up to 1 year

► Emergency power: 5V power bank

► Dimensions: Front – 172 x 71 x 13 mm / Back – 200 x 77 x 48 mm

► Gross weight: 1.8 KG