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Kaadas K9 Digital Lock [2 YEARS WARRANTY]

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Secure, stylish and futuristic, the Kaadas K9 Digital Lock is what convenience at your fingertips looks and feels like in a Singapore home. With a durable universal opening handle that includes a biometric fingerprint scanner, and the capacity to hold 100 different fingerprints, the Kaadas K9 Digital Lock is perfect for someone finding a Singapore digital lock for your homes and offices that seek quick, easy and secure entry solutions.

Key features:

• User-friendly access → Various access methods depending on your lifestyle – Fingerprint/ Passwords/ RF Card / Mechanical Override Key

• Sensitive Touchpad screen - With a wider touch screen, not only does the design becomes more stylish, the detection rate has greatly improved

• Just one step to open - Push-pull use, brings you easy and fast intuitive door opening experience

• Automatic locking - Eliminates the need to re-check for the door lock when you go out. Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe

• Auto polling - RF card is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button

• Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor - Provides accurate and swift recognition with speed of less than 1 second

• Fake PIN code feature: The lock can be accessed even when random numbers are added before and after the actual user password. This prevents the user password from being exposed, thereby providing more protection

• Double authentication - This mode strengthens security. Password plus fingerprint /card must be authenticated to open the door

• Defence mode - When leaving for a holiday trip, users can set up the anti-theft mode by simply pressing [0] button, help to prevent intrusion by creating a warning sound

• In-home security (double-locking) - When you are at home, double-locking prevents unexpected unlocking attempts from outside. You can enable it by using the [CLOSE] button

• Safe handle - Once the safe handle is enabled, the in-door handle will be locked. In this case, it can remove the danger of children accidentally opening the door to strangers

• Power bank back-up - When batteries are discharged, put a micro USB power bank to power up the lock for entry

• Low battery warning signal - A voiced sound and LED light during door access will alert you to replace batteries

Technical information:

► Dimension (mm): L400 x 80 x 72

► Used for: HDB/Condo/EC/Landed

► Material: AI, ABS, PC

► Voice operation guide language: English (default), Chinese

► LED display: none

► Applicable door: Wood

► Applicable door thickness: 38 - 60mm , 60 - 90mm

► Unlocking way: Fingerprint/card/password/key

► Master password: 1

► User password: 5 & 4 OTP (One Time Password)

► Password length: 6 - 12 digits

► Type of card: RFID, Mifare, IC, S50, S70

► Card capacity: 100

► Type of FPG: Semi-conductor

► Identification time: <0.5 sec

► Fingerprints capacity: 100

► Double locking mode: automatic

► Power supply: DC 6V 4 AA battery

► Emergency power supply: Micro USB port (5V power bank)

► Gross weight: 5.5kg

► Mechanical key & cylinder: have

► Lock body: QT7260 / QT7270

► Opening direction: Universal ( Left or Right )