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Hafele Digital Lock Bundle Package with 3x7ft Solid Laminated Main Door and Mild Steel Gate 5100 + GL5600

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• Fire rated main door top up $400

• 4 x 7 feet main door and gate top up $500

• 3 years warranty for main door and gate

• Full solid laminated door

• Mild steel powder coated gate

• High scratch resistant

• High water resistant

• Installation, removal, disposal included

3 years warranty for Hafele digital locks

Hafele GL5600  A work of art as much as a technological feat.

Hafele 5100 door lock + Hafele GL 5600 gate lock

Hafele 5100 — Hafele ER5100 Digital Lock is comparable to Kaadas's R7 as well as Philips EasyKey 5100 Digital Lock as they are all rim locks meant to install with an existing handle lever. It has the same features, fingerprint, pin code and rfid card.