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Fanco Tributo Ceiling Fan Series

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This sleek, modern fan is equipped with a 36-watt LED light that's extremely bright and energy-savvy. With a Last Memory Function, simply switch on the fan with a remote control to your last function without making any changes to the settings.

Built using 100% ABS blades, you get to enjoy maximum airflow distribution without compromising on efficiency and your home aesthetic. Plus, the DC Brushless Motor ensures a silent operation for maximum control and high durability.

If peace and serenity are what you're looking for, the Fanco Tributo may just be the fan for you.


Keep your cool with a fan that's as quiet as you. Fanco Fan has been around since 1998 and we've sold over 400,000 fans in Singapore. Choose from 3 distinct colours and get a 4-year onsite warranty (for all parts & labour).

  • 100% ABS Blades - Maximises airflow distribution

  • Remote Control with Last Memory Function - Eases fan operation

  • DC Brushless Motor - Maximises control and durability

  • 36-watt LED Light Voltage - Brightens rooms at lower electricity consumption

  • LED Lights (Day/Warm/Cool White) - 3 ways to light up the room

  • 6 Speeds Reversible - Adjustable fan speed for maximum comfort

  • Temperature Sensor Control - Automates fan speed based on surrounding temperatures*4 Years Onsite Warranty (for all parts & labour)

    *Lifetime Warranty on Motor